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In this episode, we discuss the recent introduction of Twitter Blue, a paid subscription service that offers users additional features such as an undo button, bookmark folders, and more.

Discuss the topics here: https://richardsonsrubicon.com/community/episode-topics/episode-13-tick-off-twitter/

This is what you get: https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/twitter-blue

In this episode of Richardson’s Rubicon Pod, I discussed various topics surrounding Twitter Blue, including its features, the recent removal of Blue Tick badges from legacy Verified accounts, and my personal experience with the subscription.

I also shared my background as a gaming content creator and podcaster, as well as my decision to repurpose my Twitter account for political commentary and launch a new podcast under my real identity.

Throughout the episode, I shared my thoughts on the controversy surrounding paid verification through the Blue Tick, and how Twitter could have handled it differently to avoid upsetting its users.

I also discussed the importance of having diverse perspectives on the platform, and how blocking users based on their blue tick alone could lead to an echo chamber.

Overall, this episode tackled a range of interesting and relevant topics that are worth discussing in the ever-changing landscape of social media.

I tweeted this for feedback:

The decision Elon Musk has made about the use of the Blue Tick has generated quite a bit of controversy. What surprised me the most was the bitterness expressed by some celebrities and the impulse to block #bluetick users.

What I'm interested in are your thoughts. You can reply… pic.twitter.com/6XAPkrR6qE

— RichardsonsRubiconPod (@Is_Richardson) April 21, 2023

Then today I saw this:

It's petty I know, but I do really want to unfollow anyone who paid for Twitter blue. It's the only way I can see of trying to keep this site useful. Am I right in thinking that anyone with under one million followers and a blue tick must have paid, or are there caveats?

— Ian Dunt (@IanDunt) April 26, 2023

Then this:

Oh I wasn't even going to necessarily do that - just unfollow.

— Ian Dunt (@IanDunt) April 26, 2023

And that is what finally triggered this episode. It’s a classic case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Idiocy.

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