A new podcast where you can take part!

The way we do things is simple: we ask a question and give a link for all listeners to record the answers. You have a week or two to put your views forward on the new topic mentioned in each episode. I put the episodes together with your views and some commentary in the hope you can change my mind on some things! Or maybe I can change your mind on some things? Who knows? I think it will be very exciting and interesting to see how this develops; we can also do live interviews too once we get the ball rolling!

Ongoing questions for the initial few weeks are here:

https://bit.ly/m/RichardsonsRubicon <<< it's really cool, you can actually record your voice and it's so easy to do!

Contact me here: https://twitter.com/Is_Richardson/

About the Author
Retired information security and governance person, certified ITIL Expert, podcaster, adoptive parent, idiot.
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