The SHOCKING Reason YOUR Electricity is EXPENSIVE

In the previous episode I mentioned energy production firms making a fortune with record billions in profits. I’ve seen nothing since that contradicts this view. In this episode we delve a little deeper into why, and frankly, I was shocked.

1. Jon Stone [@joncstone]. A worker on £30k pays £3,486 income tax and £2,399 NI Energy bills are expected to go to £7,700 in April, up from £1,042 in 2020 Even if you completely scrapped both income tax and NI it would not cover the increase in bills. The idea that tax cuts will solve this is deluded. Twitter. Published August 28, 2022.

2. As Europe speeds its transition to renewable power, Scotland risks being left behind. Business for Scotland. Published March 23, 2022.

3. Closure of biggest UK gas storage site draws criticism. Financial Times. August 16, 2017.

4. Gas Prices and Energy Suppliers – Hansard – UK Parliament.

5. Great Britain’s monthly electricity stats | National Grid ESO.

6. Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy – GOV.UK.

7. Murphy R. Surviving 2023: How to manage the coming economic crisis. Tax Research UK.

8. The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP. GOV.UK.

9. IChemE. UK gas storage capacity is set to double amid concerns that supply shortages could force industry closures.

10. Nick Robinson [@bbcnickrobinson]. Was pleased to secure an in-depth interview with @trussliz on BBC1. I am disappointed & frustrated it’s been cancelled. Twitter. Published August 29, 2022.

11. We could massively reduce the price of energy in the Uk – by changing the way we regulate energy prices.

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