The Braverman Breach



With regard to the recent political discussion around Suella Braverman’s appointment to the Sunak government, I take a look with my old Information Security hat on and analyse what actions should be taken to bring the matter to a conclusion. The security culture within the Government is a huge risk.

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On this episode of Richardson’s Rubicon, we dive into the world of government security classifications and discuss the risks of using personal devices for official business. We explore the recent security breach committed by Suella Braverman, where she breached rules by sending a highly sensitive official document through her personal email to an unintended recipient. We also examine the importance of security vetting and discuss how organisations can prevent data leakage from happening. Along the way, we address the confusion surrounding the Braverman security breach and discuss the implications of using personal devices for sensitive information. Join us as we explore the world of government security and the challenges of protecting sensitive information in the modern age.

Topic: Levels of Security Classifications for Government Information

– Official, Secret, and Top Secret classifications
– Differences between classifications and the potential damage caused by compromise

Topic: Use of Personal Emails for Government Business

– Risk of accidental forwarding of sensitive information
– Suella Braverman’s security breach by sending an official document from a personal email
– The government’s argument that using private devices is not unlawful, but private devices can still pose risks
– Examples of secure organisation practices for employees using personal devices
– Importance of security vetting for individuals with access to secret/top secret assets and information

Topic: Recent Security Breaches by Government Officials

– Concerns about lack of processes for dealing with breaches by ministers
– Security breach by the Home Secretary and the unclear amount of national security at risk
– Potential pattern of behaviour by the Home Secretary and the need for prioritising internal security
– Difficulty in confirming the severity of security breaches without specific information and labelling of sensitive information
– Downplaying of security incidents by government officials

Topic: Government Security Protocols and Breach Management

– Responsibility of individuals to protect government information
– Duty of confidentiality and appropriate training for staff, contractors, and service providers
– Potential damage and criminal offenses caused by compromise, loss, or misuse of government information
– Necessity of breach management systems in organizations
– Uncertainty and confusion surrounding recent security breaches


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