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Even if you can only do one or even a few episodes a year, that’s totally cool. I’m open to having lot’s of different people on the show as often as they want.

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So, if you’re ready to join me on this exciting podcasting adventure, let’s make some magic together!

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John Richardson

Podcast host, producer, journalist

You have a right to be curious who you’re talking with, so here we go! After years of experience in the exciting realm of Information Security and IT Governance (honest, it was), and now juggling a myriad of responsibilities, such as running a business to earn a vanishingly small crust, raising two incredible teenagers, advocating for Scottish Independence, and even pursuing my love for beekeeping, I’ve managed to carve out a teeny amount of time to pursue my passions. One of those passions is podcasting.

In my past podcasting adventures, I have explored the vast and captivating world of MMOs as the host of the StarfleetComms Podcast. I have also delved into the thrilling realms of science fiction through book and film reviews, as both StarfleetComms host, and the DataSlate co-host. I even had the opportunity to take part in political discussions as Jack Blast on the Rewind For More Info podcast. What truly ignites my passion is the opportunity to connect and converse with fellow enthusiasts, and that’s where you come in.

Contact me. This is a Proton email address. If you use a Proton email address then encryption is automatically applied. If not, my public PGP key is here should you need it.

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