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John Richardson

Podcast host, producer, journalist


I’m a retired, experienced Information Security and IT Governance person, certified ITIL expert and have far too much time on my hands.

Previous podcasts were related to MMO’s, sci-fi book and film reviews, and more recently an anonymous political one. All shall remain nameless as they are podfading in the great recycle bin in the sky. the good news is that I can channel that experience into this podcast. But I need that secret ingredient. You.

Feel free to join in with your opinion, topic suggestions are also very cool. Contact me. This is a Proton email address. If you use a Proton email address then encryption is automatically applied. If not, my public PGP key is here.

Someone else, maybe you?

Podcast co-host

You might be looking at this and trying to decide if this is for you or not. Well, let me help you. 

Firstly, you need to be what the right call “woke”. I call it caring for others by having a bit of empathy and not being an annoying, offensive bastard. We won’t agree on everything, which is great, but bigots, racists, misogynists and homophobes can take a hike.

Secondly, you need to have enough spare time and commitment. As well as a microphone of reasonable quality and a webcam for when we record episodes.

Contact me.

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