Joe Ned

Podcast Guest

Joe Ned is an experienced gamer with a particular affinity for the MMORPG EverQuest. He has played many multiplayer online games, but considers EverQuest his all-time favorite, noting the strong emotional attachment players have to their achievements within the game.

A departure from his former hardcore gaming past, he takes a pragmatic view towards gaming nowadays; understanding time constraints and the lure of servers that cater to players with limited availability, such as time-locked progression (TLP) servers.

He was best known in EQ as gnecro by the name of Wawkin Disaster, who reached level 65 – raiding experience capped at intermediate Planes of Power (no PoT). Despite his preference for the strong utility Necromancer class brings to the table, he enjoyed the mage class and preferred to twink small class warriors as a side gig (e.g. – Nimbol, the Gnome Warrior in full Cobalt). Joe jokingly reminisces about his time as a guild and raid leader, acknowledging the difficulties and sometimes chaotic experiences involved. Having primarily played between 2000-2008, he’s knowledgeable about many items, quests and raid strategies.

Other games Joe played extensively, if not competitively include (but are not limited to): CS GO, Starcraft, Warcraft III, MTG, Shadowbane, EQ2, Lineage II, DAoC and DOTA.

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Tom Teomus

Podcast Guest

Tom had a little bit of a late start in EverQuest. Childhood friends played it and Tom eventually got his own copy of the Trilogy edition (original, kunark and velious) for Christmas to begin his adventure on the Povar server as a Troll Shaman (Still level 53 in Kunark/Velious tradable gear!).

Over the years, Tom has played continually on Povar, Firiona Vie, TLPs including Agnarr and Mangler, but calls his home server P99 Blue. Packing well rounded knowledge of all things Everquest through the Omens expansion and particular expertise in Cleric and Ranger play, Tom has always found enjoyment through his years of playing. 

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Jordan Doll

Podcast Guest

Jordan Doll is a passionate and seasoned player of EverQuest, a fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Enjoying Scottish heritage and residing in New York, Jordan has been an enthusiastic member of the game’s community since the year 2000, marking over two decades of investment in the evolving virtual lands of Norrath.

Starting his adventure during the launch of the Kunark expansion, Jordan was captivated by the lizard people in the game, a fascination that has persisted through his extensive gameplay. Over the years, he has expressed excitement in experiencing further expansions such as Legacy of Ykesha and Shadows of Luclin, particularly appreciating the graphical updates that came with them, despite the challenges posed by his computer’s graphic capabilities at the time.

Jordan Doll’s dedication to gaming is evident not only through his long-term engagement with EverQuest but also in his in-depth knowledge of the game’s lore and community. Through his experiences in-game—like his search for the legendary ‘greenmist’ weapon and engagement with the Iksar race lore as a shadowknight—Jordan has both contributed to and drawn from the tapestry of narratives and social interactions that define the spirit of EverQuest.

Jordan is Razorlou in game on P99 Green. He’s probably got other identities too.

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Nate Stinehour

Podcast Guest

Nate became involved with EQ at a young age when his father showed him the amazing world of Norrath. Now, far removed from the days of falling off Kelethin platforms (well, mostly…), Nate brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise on classes, mechanics and raids. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and growing the EverQuest community as a whole.

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Rob Hal

Podcast Guest

Rob Hal, an avid EverQuest player, has extensive experience across various servers, including the original EverQuest up to Planes of Power, P99 green server, and the Yelinak server up to the Depths of Darkhollow.

Renowned for his raiding prowess and passionate about finding the right guild and forging new connections, he finds joy in the camaraderie of online gaming communities. While waiting for the next TLP server, he has now started a new guild called Ye Olde Hearth on Oakwynd so if anyone wants to join, look for Skarfester!

Delving into discussions about the evolving landscape of EverQuest, Rob reflects on the transformative impact of in-game maps, instant porting, and other game changes. His insights extend to topics such as the introduction of totally new features and changes from private servers to TLP servers.

Rob is Skarfester in the game, on Oakwynd, amongst other names.

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Even if you can only do one or even a few episodes a year, that’s totally cool. I’m open to having lot’s of different people on the show as often as they want.

Now, let’s talk about the perks. Drumroll, please…there’s no money involved! But the sense of accomplishment and fulfilment you’ll get from being part of something special? Priceless.

So, if you’re ready to join me on this exciting podcasting adventure, let’s make some magic together!

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If you want to know more or have a chat then feel free to contact me. – Or…

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John Richardson

Podcast host, producer, beekeeper

You have a right to be curious who you’re talking with, so here we go! After years of experience in the exciting realm of Information Security and IT Governance (honest, it was), and now juggling a myriad of responsibilities, such as running a business to earn a vanishingly small crust, raising two incredible teenagers, advocating for Scottish Independence, and even pursuing my love for beekeeping, I’ve managed to carve out a teeny amount of time to pursue my passions. One of those passions is podcasting.

In my past podcasting adventures, I have explored the vast and captivating world of MMOs, as a gamer playing Everquest from c2002, Star Wars Galaxies, and Eve Online, and as the host of the StarfleetComms Podcast. I have also delved into the thrilling realms of science fiction through book and film reviews, as both StarfleetComms host, and the DataSlate co-host. I even had the opportunity to take part in political discussions as Jack Blast on the Rewind For More Info podcast and season one of this podcast.

I’ve recently decided to pivot this podcast to talking exclusively about EverQuest and what truly ignites my passion is the opportunity to connect and converse with fellow enthusiasts, that’s where you come in.

Check out all the ways you can take part or email me. This is a Proton email address. If you also use a Proton email address then encryption is automatically applied. If not, my public PGP key is here should you need it.

In game, I’m Yuramtik on P99 Green.

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