Escape to EverQuest: The Greenmist Crusader Tests 4-6

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In episode 14 of Richardson’s Rubicon, we ( John Richardson and Jordan Doll) take you on an exciting journey through the iconic game of EverQuest. P99 Classic. The discussion mainly centres around the game’s quests involving the Iksar Shadowknight Khukris and is the second part of our series on this, thanks to the immense expertise of Jordan, AKA Razorlou on P99 Green.

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Crusader’s Test of Suffering

Talk to Lord Korzin

Loot Glowing Skull off of Greater Scalebone, Lesser Charbone Skeleton, or Lesser Icebone Skeleton in Kurn’s Tower

Turn in Glowing Skull and Squire’s Khukri to Lord Korzin

Receive Knight’s Khukri

Crusader’s Test of the Zealot

Talk to Lord Qyzar

Talk to an iksar knight in Warsliks Wood

Kill a Forest Giant Sapling for Misscribed Gate and Misscribed Lifetap

Pick up Groundspawn Scroll in a Bottle

Buy a Shovel

Turn in Misscribed Gate, Misscribed Lifetap, Scroll in a Bottle, and Shovel to an iksar knight to get Chalp Diagram

Turn in Chalp Diagram and Knight’s Khukri to Lord Qyzar

Receive Zealot’s Khukri

Crusader’s Test of Betrayal

Talk to Lord Qyzar

Talk to an Iksar crusader and receive a Coin

Give a Coin to Tracker Azeal in Firiona Vie once he kneels at the boulder

Talk to Hero Goxnok

Talk to, and kill a drachnid spy to loot Charasis Tome

Talk to, and kill Hero Goxnok to loot Charasis Tome Copy

Turn in Charasis Tome, Charasis Tome Copy, and Zealot’s Khukri to Lord Qyzar

Receive Crusader’s Khukri

Overall our conversation offers an in-depth look into the layered gameplay of EverQuest, from devising strategic plans to overcoming obstacles and reaping hard-earned rewards, you’ll get a taste of the engaging and immersive experiences that make EverQuest beloved among its players.


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