Escape to EverQuest: Tales of Triumph and Tragedy!

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Welcome back to Richardson’s Rubicon! In this episode, John Richardson and special guest Joe Ned dive deep into the world of Norrath as they discuss the impact of some game expansions and share their most memorable experiences.

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From intense death loops in Nektulos Forest to chaotic raids and comical mishaps in Plane of Fear, they unpack hilarious and thrilling moments from their gaming adventures. We’ll also hear about uncontrolled mage rage, their most hated zones, the challenges of recovering from raid wipes, the importance of correct preparation, like knowing what you are doing!

Join us as we explore the world of EverQuest, from epic items to unforgettable in-game encounters, and hear firsthand accounts of the triumphs and trials of this iconic game.

In this episode:


(No idea why I thought this was a goat’s head).

Expansions / most hated zones

Wipe stories / Death loops – Pimm the Mage!

The Level 8…


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