Escape to Everquest: Ask the Panel – May

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Where do I start with this? It was an amazingly fun episode!

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We put out a call to all of the EQ communities asking for your questions and the end result was this episode! Join us as Nate, Tom, Joe, Jordan and John field your questions and discuss the many and varied intricacies of EverQuest.

Get ready to test your EverQuest knowledge with a thrilling and perhaps inaccurate trivia quiz conducted using Chat GPT, as the panelists engage in heated discussions about in-game mechanics, classes, and the intricacies of gameplay. Who will emerge victorious?

We also do a Reddit deep dive discussing the hot topics of the moment.

And if you ever wanted to solve the Sleeper problem, we might have stumbled on the solution!

Everquest, let's play!

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