In this episode I receive some feedback on the current questions awaiting YOUR response too. These are: How do you feel about the LABOUR PARTY? “I think he’s got a valid point and if we don’t let labour win we’re going to have a very tough few years after the next General Election. What benefit...

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The Tory Leadership Contest and the state of Labour

Two main topics have been on my mind the last week or two, so I’d like to share my thoughts on these and hope you do likewise. The first is about the Tory Leadership Debate. We have heard the most vulgar and tawdry statements coming from candidates during the contest. The next is about Labour....

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This is the trailer for RICHARDSON’S RUBICON

A new podcast where you can take part! The way we do things is simple: we ask a question and give a link for all listeners to record the answers. You have a week or two to put your views forward on the new topic mentioned in each episode. I put the episodes together with...

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