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MASTODON - Finding your Twitter Followings and Followers in the Fediverse.

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As a lot of people, myself included, are taking part in the great #TwitterMigration since Musk took over. It seems that Mastodon is becoming one of the main social media choices that people prefer. Admittedly, it's very close to Twitter in look, but the feel is quite different.

1) It's federated, which basically means there are lots of little community servers that can all communicate with other users in other servers, or instances as they are known. 
2) It's not one app, it's quite geeky in that some instances can be quite different to others in topics and membership and the links to other instances.
3) It's really tough to find followers and this is the bit I'll post about.

Firstly, make sure your Mastodon profile is written into your own Twitter profile. This is vital to be found. 

Mine is in my profile description: 🐘 a woke, lefty, InfoSec instance. 👍

And as my profile name I have 

Both mentions were successfully found using this tool:

Use that link and authorise it using Twitter so it can scan your followings and followers for their Mastodon profile information.

It gives you a list you can use there and then to click through and add using Mastodon, or you can export the lists as CSV files and import them in your Mastodon instance.

Spread the word so that more people from Twitter can find each other and make any Mastodon instance their new home.


“I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

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