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Escape to EverQuest: Rangers: not just for squishing

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Welcome back to another thrilling episode of Richardson's Rubicon, the podcast that dives deep into the rich and vibrant world of EverQuest, a MMORPG that continues to capture the hearts of gamers even 25 years after its debut. I'm your host, John Richardson, and today, I'm thrilled to bring you episode 13 of season 2, "Rangers, not just for squishing". Joining me is EverQuest adventurer, Dirtwolf, who's here to share his vast experience of the game including his time in the Western Wastes and his strategies for levelling up in Norrath. We will be venturing into the life of a ranger class character, diving into some exciting quests, and some memorable gaming anecdotes. So, sit back and get ready for an exciting roller coaster ride through lands filled with mammoths, dragons, and the occasional genocide. Ooh, and a confession! Let's set foot on this journey!

The main levelling zones discussed in this episode of Richardson's Rubicon are:

- Western Wastes: Where Dirtwolf discusses his experience of playing and offers tips on hunting mammoths and rhinos to level up efficiently.

His ranger solos Tantor, here's the mentioned Solo Artist Challenge:


- Erud Isle: Where Dirtwolf advises players to hunt will-o'-wisps for experience and profits.
- Iceclad Ocean: The area in which fear kiting snow cougars is discussed for levelling.
- Wakening Lands: Dirtwolf suggests leveling in this zone by hunting raptors and panthers for their pelts.
- Sol B, Dreadlands, and Chardok: These zones are detailed by Dirtwolf for levelling between 50 and 55, with strategies for killing mobs and obtaining loot. For this, 55-60 is Chardok!
- Blackburrow: This area is detailed as a levelling zone, gaining XP through fang drops, and acquiring spells at certain levels.

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