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Escape to Everquest: Grudges, Golems and the secrets of Siren's Grotto

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In the latest episode of Richardson's Rubicon, I have the pleasure of diving into the bustling world of Project 1999 alongside my esteemed guest, Glumf - a master player who's made a name for himself in this niche gaming community. What makes our chat particularly exciting is Glumf's comprehensive faction guide, which he uses to immerse listeners in his unique experiences in the game.

Our chat takes off with Glumf sharing tales of his guild and the captivating dynamics of raiding in Project 1999. We then delve into the knotty subject of factions, where Glumf illustrates just how much investment is needed to establish mutual tolerance. We transition seamlessly into Glumf's exciting guild-hopping adventures before he finally found sanctuary in Kingdom.

A highlight of our discussion was an intriguing talk about the United Nations, or the UN, within Everquest that might confuse returning players like myself. However, Glumf succinctly demystifies this, revealing it to be a discord channel where contested guild targets and disputes are aired and resolved. It's a realm painted with loyalty and conflict - a tribal place, laden with rich history, relational grudges, and passionate players.

Our spirited talk soon shifts towards the in-game economy. Here, Glumf shares a fascinating perspective on platinum's role, suggesting its importance dwindles after reaching a certain point in the game - a viewpoint I find myself agreeing with. Although I don't mind any you don't need! (Yuramtik P99 Green 🤣 )

Our conversation becomes particularly interesting when Glumf reveals his strategies for gaining credibility in starting cities and shares useful tips for acquiring bone chips. We then move on to discuss our favorite characters, classes, and races. 

As we weave through various subjects, Glumf makes several eyebrow raising confessions and reveals the secrets of Siren's Grotto. 

Listen, enjoy, comment, and above all, keep conquering those cliff golems, folks!

May your adventures in Norrath be endlessly fulfilling!

You can check out the episode here:

Glumf's Spectacular Faction Guide

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