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Episode 12: Behind Closed Doors: The Dark Side of Billionaire Lobbying and Government Corruption

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Hey everyone, it's time for a quick recap of this week's podcast! We started off by discussing how politicians who hold meetings behind closed doors are not working in the best interest of ordinary people. The only way to remove these politicians from power is through voting. Next, we talked about Conservative MPs who removed their party affiliation and changed their color scheme to green, and if they're ashamed of their party, they should switch to a different party. We also discussed the pros and cons of lobbying, and how it can give disproportionate power to the billionaire class. It's important to keep tabs on your local MP's voting record and use resources like Theyworkforyou.com and Tacticalvote.co.uk to make informed decisions. Lastly, we touched on the lack of transparency in government funding and the links between the Tories and Russia. Remember, it's crucial to stay informed and vote wisely!


On this episode of Richardson's Rubicon, the host and guest discuss the impact of closed-door meetings in politics, the importance of local representation and strategy in voting, and the issues surrounding lobbying in government. They dive into the topic of billionaire lobbying and its potential abuses of power and influence. The podcast also explores the current transparency and accountability of democracy while uncovering the hidden donations and connections to Russia associated with the Conservative Party. The discussion touches on the staggering amount of fraud and error in government spending and the consequences of fiscal incompetence. Tune in for an insightful and thought-provoking episode. The host is open to listener participation, including voicemail messages and co-hosting, and even shares a personal update about their dog's arthritis and vet visit.


[00:00:11] "Troubling revelations on Tory party finances."

[00:06:06] "UK Government Spends 58.8B Amid Doctor Strike"

[00:06:29] "Debating Billionaire Class and Government Lobbying Effects"

[00:08:00] "Billionaire Lobbying Impacts Society: Pros and Cons"

[00:08:56] "The Impact of Lobbying on Unequal Politics"

[00:11:54] "Conservative MPs switch to 'Green' branding - why?"

[00:14:40] "Unpacking The Truth: Demystifying Complex Issues"

[00:14:47] "Get Tactical: Voting Strategies to Remove Tories"

Register to VOTE here: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote Get your Voter Authority Certificate here: https://www.gov.uk/apply-for-photo-id-voter-authority-certificate

Use: https://tactical.vote/ or https://tacticalvote.co.uk/ to ensure your vote counts. Visit TheyWorkForYou to check on your local MP.

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