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Data deregulation promotes growth, says the trustworthy UK Government.

With our exit from the EU and the stop gap of the UK GDPR implementation, your data, while at risk as always, has been relatively safe. However there are moves afoot to change that. The UK is preparing to replace UK GDPR which is largely EU legislation, on the bonfire of Tory party vanity under…

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Breaches are all the Rage

In this episode I talk about the Twitter takeover that resulted in security and governance staff leaving en masse, and the impact this has had on GDPR compliance and the creaking infrastructure. Unfortunate timing meant I missed mentioning the Twitter breach of 200 million users details… Going well, isn’t it? I think it proves that…

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Musk and the rise of Mastodon

During the last two weeks or so, Elon Musk has finally taken over Twitter and during that time I’ve been exploring Mastodon. Since then, rumours have been rife about the return of Donald Trump and other banned accounts, including hate groups such as Britain First. However, at a more substantial level, Mr Musk has overseen…

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The Braverman Breach

WHEN IS A SECURITY BREACH NOT A SECURITY BREACH? WHEN IT’S A BRAVERMAN BREACH. With regard to the recent political discussion around Suella Braverman’s appointment to the Sunak government, I take a look with my old Information Security hat on and analyse what actions should be taken to bring the matter to a conclusion. The…

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STOP Britain from being SOLD.

In this episode I outline how your money has been transferred to the wealthy, how your pensions are at risk, how your environment is at risk and ask whether Investment Zones are corporate fiefdoms. High Five to Michael Russell for some wording. 1. Britain Ramping Up Low-Tax Zones to Help Save It From Stagnation –…

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A Day in Tory – Anyone seen Truss?

I summarise today’s events in Tory Land because frankly, so much stuff happened I needed to take notes myself. What a mess. 1. Ed Conway [@EdConwaySky]. 🚨NEW🚨 On the @bankofengland intervention: Am told the BoE were responding to a “run dynamic” on pension funds – a wholesale equivalent of the run which destroyed Northern Rock….

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I confidently predict what the effects of the Tory Fiscal Event will bring and exactly how this will affect the economy and you. If you earn under £150 K pa, you will be affected. Energy support will likely end in six months, find out why. Inflation will spiral, find out why. The housing market will…

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The SHOCKING Reason YOUR Electricity is EXPENSIVE

In the previous episode I mentioned energy production firms making a fortune with record billions in profits. I’ve seen nothing since that contradicts this view. In this episode we delve a little deeper into why, and frankly, I was shocked. 1. Jon Stone [@joncstone]. A worker on £30k pays £3,486 income tax and £2,399 NI…

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Wake up! You’re being robbed!

I take a look at the reasons why people might vote Tory in the past and highlight the energy cap increase announced today. My belief is that the Tories are protecting the interests of the energy companies and stoking division between the haves and have-nots to distract from that. Boris Johnson stated there will be…

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In this episode I receive some feedback on the current questions awaiting YOUR response too. These are: How do you feel about the LABOUR PARTY? “I think he’s got a valid point and if we don’t let labour win we’re going to have a very tough few years after the next General Election. What benefit…

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