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Escape to Everquest: Ask the Panel – May

Where do I start with this? It was an amazingly fun episode! We put out a call to all of the EQ communities asking for your questions and the end result was this episode! Join us as Nate, Tom, Joe, Jordan and John field your questions and discuss the many and varied intricacies of EverQuest….

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Escape to Everquest: It’s about the journey!

An insightful dive into the world of EverQuest: Comparing Classic and Modern versions, the struggles with in-game experiences, and the effects on the gaming community. Introduction As the world of gaming continues to evolve, so do the demands and expectations of the players. In the most recent episode of Richardson’s Rubicon, podcasters John Richardson and…

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Escape to EverQuest: The Greenmist Crusader Tests 4-6

In episode 14 of Richardson’s Rubicon, we ( John Richardson and Jordan Doll) take you on an exciting journey through the iconic game of EverQuest. P99 Classic. The discussion mainly centres around the game’s quests involving the Iksar Shadowknight Khukris and is the second part of our series on this, thanks to the immense expertise…

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Escape to Everquest: Rangers, not just for squishing

Welcome back to another thrilling episode of Richardson’s Rubicon, the podcast that dives deep into the rich and vibrant world of EverQuest, a MMORPG that continues to capture the hearts of gamers even 25 years after its debut. I’m your host, John Richardson, and today, I’m thrilled to bring you episode 13 of season 2,…

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Escape to EverQuest: Of Grudges, Golems and Grotto’s

Escape to Everquest: Grudges, Golems and the secrets of Siren’s Grotto I’m thrilled to announce a new episode of Richardson’s Rubicon! In this episode, we dive deep into an engaging conversation with one of our community’s most captivating voices, Glumf. Together, we explore the intricacies of Project 1999, delving into game factions, raiding adventures, and…

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Escape to EverQuest: Reign of Thule PVP

In this riveting episode of Richardson’s Rubicon, host John Richardson, welcomes Dorian and Austin, server administrators for the distinctive PvP server within EverQuest, “Reign of Thule.” They delve into their passion for the classic 25-year-old game, drawing listeners into the intricacies, stratagem, and sheer adrenaline rush that MMORPG game offers. Dorian kick-starts the narrative, recounting…

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Escape to EverQuest: The Greenmist Crusader Tests 1-3

In this captivating episode of Richardson’s Rubicon, host John Richardson takes you on a nostalgic journey through the world of MMORPG EverQuest with gaming expert, Jordan Doll. Starting light-hearted, the duo share breakfast tips before delving into the heart of the iconic game. The core discussion revolves around the complicated world of the Iksar Shadowknight…

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Escape to EverQuest: Trailer – Shadowknight Khukris

In this episode of Escape to EverQuest, John Richardson previews upcoming content about the shadowknight khukris and engages with listeners for tips and experiences.

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Escape to EverQuest: Tales of Triumph and Tragedy!

In S2E08, Joe Ned and John Richardson discuss game expansions, raids, epic items, memorable experiences, and challenging moments in EverQuest.

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Escape to EverQuest: Are TLP’s EZ mode?

In this EverQuest Podcast, we discuss game changes in EverQuest, including XP gradients, raid instances, death penalties, and TLP server differences.

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