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Maybe you'd like to talk about something in the news, or maybe there's just something you want to get off your chest.
Think of it as a call-in show, it's open to all.
All events are moderated to maintain a friendly, inclusive atmosphere.
You'll need a webcam, microphone and headphones,  or a headset.
It takes place online, I'll send you a unique link before the meeting!

Here's An Overview

What makes this podcast special? 😀👍🏼

Chatterbox Café

Join us for Chatterbox Café , where everyone’s invited to join in and share their thoughts on current affairs and whatever else floats their boat! 

It’s all about casual, spontaneous chats, so don’t worry if you don’t know anyone – you’ll make new friends in no time, and it’s okay for the conversation to go off-piste! And remember, bring your A-game because these will become an episode! Seats are limited to four per event (for now) so book quickly when they open.

Events are open for bookings a couple of weeks before they take place, usually the third Saturday of each month. We’ll announce on social media but keep an eye out too.

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Hurry before the seats close for Saturday 15/10/23 2pm!

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Fireside Chat's & Interviews

  • Choose Fireside Chat for a casual style chat exploring our opinions on your subject matter, with you, me and possibly one other with their subject.  
  • Choose interview if you’re a person of note and want to be interviewed about something.


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